Additional Claim Information

If you have a claim we would like you to be aware of some general information.
  • The Insurance Company cannot force you to use their Emergency Mitigation Companies, their General Contractors or any of their vendors.
  • The Insurance Company cannot deny you coverage because you do not use their vendors to mitigate your damages or restore your damage.
  • The Insurance Company cannot dictate who you use to preform work in your home. ¬†You have the right to hire anyone you want.
  • An Independent Adjuster working on behalf of the Insurance Company cannot deny coverage or force you to use their vendors and/or consultants.
  • The Insurance Company cannot penalize you for using the services of a Public Adjuster.
  • We recommend that you do not sign any contracts or forms without fully reviewing and understanding what you may be committing to if executed.
  • If you have a mortgage, verify that it is named properly.