Helpful Tips After a Loss

We know how overwhelming it can be after you suffer a loss.  Therefore, regardless if you decide to hire us or handle your claim on your own, we want to provide you with some useful tips.

If you sustain a loss to your home or business, you may want to consider the following actions:

  • Make sure everyone is safe and then call the proper authorities if necessary.
  • Take immediate action to mitigate your damage
  • Take photographs or video to document the damage
  • Keep records of all expenses with supporting documentation
  • Promptly notify your insurance company
  • Provide your insurance company with only known factual information
  • Do not provide your insurance company with information based upon what you think or assume. If you don’t know don’t guess!
  • Do not sign anything without reading it and understanding it
  • Keep a record of what occurs after your loss including dates, times and names of  people/companies that you speak with or visit your loss
  • Before scheduling any appointment and/or inspections, you should know who will be   coming out, who they work for and their purpose

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